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Va. Tech Considering Lutz

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Among the candidates at Virginia Tech, according to the Washington Post, is Bobby Lutz, currently an assistant at State but previously the head man at Charlotte.

What's his record?

He was pretty impressive at Pfeiffer, where he really cranked things up after three mediocre years.

His final six years he finished 22-11, 29-4, 30-5, 23-6, 24-6 and 25-8.

Pfeiffer was NAIA at the time, but winning is winning.

Charlotte was a bit different. Here is the record year by year, starting in 1998-89 and ending in 2009-10 when he was fired:

  • 23-11
  • 17-16
  • 22-11
  • 18-12
  • 13-16
  • 21-9
  • 21-8
  • 19-13
  • 14-16
  • 20-14
  • 11-20
  • 19-12

So that's three losing seasons, two of which came after moving to the A-10.

Charlotte made the tournament five times under Lutz, and made it to the second round once (in his first year).

Charlotte also made the NIT three times and missed post-season four times, including three of his final four years.

After moving to the A-10, Lutz only made post-season twice, both times the NIT, losing in the first round on both occasions.

Moving up a level is tough so that should be considered.