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Two Really Cool App Recommendations

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For those of you in the iOS world, we'd like to recommend two really interesting apps.

First, if it hasn't been yanked yet, Premium TV, which links to quite a few British networks, giving you the BBC and several others.

It also links to Cinemax, ESPN and the History Channel.

Reception is hit or miss, but something is generally on and the video quality is surprisingly good.

We tried using it with Airplay but it wasn't quite up to that, but what about when it is? Getting TV over a phone and sending it to a TV seems wrong  somehow. But when it works it'll be cool. Why can't we have TV over phones? It's really compelling.

Needless to say, the whole thing is likely to get shut down, but until it does, it's pretty cool.

Secondly, for those of you who travel extensively, this is a real breakthrough: SayHi.

Essentially it's a (nearly) universal translator. It takes your speech and uploads it to a server, and sends back a translation in one of (currently) 33 languages of your choosing.

Beats hell out of flipping through a dictionary.

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