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A Spectacular Young Man

Pretty much everyone concedes at this point that college basketball is about me me me, which makes it difficult to maintain a team sport.

We mention that because we've been admiring a kid in Wake County named Rashawn King who was diagnosed with leukemia a while back. Despite that, he continued to practice with the football and basketball teams, sometimes having practice one day and chemotherapy the next.

How the hell do you manage that? We were really impressed.

But not nearly as impressed as we are now: the guy had a chance through Make-A-Wish to do something like meet LeBron James.

Thought about it; didn't want it. So instead he bought Chick-fil-A for his entire school for lunch. Can you imagine what a good, positive lunch that must have been - the joy and happiness and love in that room?

Here's his reasoning:

"At first, my wish was to meet Lebron James and spend the day with him. And then I was thinking, 'Why don't I give back to those who prayed for me when I was down and I was sick."

Somebody - maybe somebody who lives in Miami named Shane or Nick - ought to put a bug in LeBron's ear. This is a special kid and it'd be nice to acknowledge that.

He's off to Central on an academic scholarship by the way, and he's going to try to walk on for football and basketball. A coach would be crazy not to give him a chance.