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Feinstein On Greenberg

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We enjoy John Feinstein; always have. At times though he kind of takes the ball and runs with it, which he does three times in this article about Seth Greenberg:

The phone call apparently came not from Athletic Director Jim Weaver, who said later that day that he made the decision based on a “gut” feeling, but from Tom Gabbard, the assistant athletic director who oversees the basketball program.

Apparently he was miffed because Greenberg didn’t show up at his athletic department workshop last week, something that happened because Greenberg was tied up with recruiting.

Maybe that’s why Weaver made the move now. With Greenberg likely to have another good recruiting class, it might have been impossible to fire him after next season.

He makes a number of really interesting points in this column, but apparentlys and maybes are speculating: either something is or it isn't.

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