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More On Greenberg, VirginiaTech

Now that the shock of Seth Greenberg's late firing has largely passed, there is the excitement of the new: someone will take this job, sooner rather than later.

Like most A.D.'s, Tech's Jim Weaver surely has a list of possible coaches in mind. Here is the latest list from the Post. New suggestions: UNC assistant Steve Robinson, former Greenberg (and current Clemson) assistant James Johnson, Maryland assistant Scott Spinelli, Kentucky assistant  Orlando Antigua and Dell Curry.

Robinson is not a serious suggestion. There's no way they could hire him after his flameout at FSU, much less after Leonard Hamilton has turned the program into a solid success.

James Johnson just left before Greenberg was fired and that's kind of awkward.

Spinelli? Maybe.

Curry? He's a major Hokie

Weaver says that he's receptive to younger head coaches and assistants, and that leaves things pretty wide open.

By the way, other than Coach K, Roy Williams and Hamilton, no ACC coach has been around for more than three seasons. That's a total overhaul, and a good thing, too. The basketball we saw from Sidney Lowe, Dave Leitao, Dino Gaudio and others was hardly inspirational.

Here's Barry Jacobs with his look at Greenberg's firing.