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A Rumor Clarified, But Perhaps With Cost

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The latest rumor to come up about Duke basketball concerns Andre Dawkins possibly transferring, but as is often the case, rumors don't really get things right, and this one was a mile off.

The basketball office, perhaps acting pre-emptively after the Michael Gbinije situation (his father said that Gbinije had not decided to transfer but that the rumors and published stories sort of forced his hand), put out this statement: “Andre Dawkins remains a member of the Duke Basketball program. There is a possibility of him redshirting next season, but no decision will be made on that until the fall.”

The real reason Dawkins might redshirt? He's still coming to terms with his sister's death. His father tells the N&O that “[h]e’s dealt with a lot. It’s been tough. It hasn’t been easy at all. With the fast pace of playing high-level basketball, you don’t really get the time to deal with things like that...Everyone is different and so everyone might handle that situation differently. I appreciate the fact that’s an option for him if that’s going to be the case. That’s been really great.”

First and obviously, giving him the room he needs - or anyone else really - to come to terms with something that difficult, that's just humane, and good for Duke for doing it.

Second, we posted this originally with the intent of mocking rumor mongers, particularly after rumors, by his father's account, helped to push Michael Gbinije away from Duke. He might have decided to leave anyway, but the pace of the rumors helped pushed him out.

On the one hand, we would encourage kindness not just to Dawkins but to anyone who is having serious issues, whether they play for Duke or an opponent. But secondly, can we as Duke fans please rein in the rumor mongering? It's clearly hurt the program and it has the potential to hurt individuals as well. Intense questions and speculation will only make things worse.