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Title Time!

It's Monday, so that means the big day is here, and the question is simple: coronation or shocker?

We're inclined to think it's Kentucky, but as John Feinstein rightly points out, in the Final Four, anything can happen. The classic example is Villanova, but there is a tremendous history of huge upsets: Duke over Vegas, '91, UNC over Wilt Chamberlain and Kansas, '57, UConn over Duke, ' can go on.

And there is a history here, personal and institutional: Kansas and Bill Self beat Memphis and John Calipari not too long ago; earlier this year, immediately after Coach K broke the all-time wins record at the Garden  Kentucky toyed with Kansas on the same floor, something they haven't forgotten.

Kentucky was up 52-37, although the final margin was 10 points.

In that game, Kentucky shot 51% to KU's 33.9%.

But in some ways, things were closer than that.

UK hit three more three pointers; KU hit five more from the foul line. KU had two more offensive rebounds; UK had one more overall.

Kansas had double the steals, 10 to five. Kentucky had five more turnovers (19-14).

The biggest difference was in blocked shots: Kentucky had 13 to five for Kansas: seven by Anthony Davis and three each by Terrence Jones and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

Thomas Robinson fouled out in 27 minutes but managed 11 points and 12 boards in that time. Tyshawn Taylor was just 3-13 from the floor but 15-17 from the floor.

Still, Kentucky's frontcourt pretty much ran over KU's. Jeff Withey is probably never going to be a huge offensive factor, but he is an excellent defender.

Kansas is a good bit smaller than Kentucky too, and with Withey not being much of an offensive threat, that puts a lot on Robinson's back.

Still, Kansas like any team of young men has pride and having lost badly earlier, they don't want to do it again.

No matter which side you look at, November 15th was a long time ago. Kansas found their mojo and Kentucky threatens to be one of the best teams of all time.

That's if they win, of course. If not, they are just another really good team that fell short.