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Terps Rebuilding Quickly

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Maryland got a signature from Charles Mitchell, which helps give them an excellent class: he's a solid power forward. Shaquille Clear is a massive big man, Seth Allen is a useful guard, and while Jake Layman is a bit of a mystery to many, he could turn out. They have a commitment from Damonte Dodd, who has not yet signed, and are still in it with Sam Cassell, Jr.

It's an impressive first year for Mark Turgeon.

By the way, something to consider: leaving aside Bob Wade as basically a wrong turn, who was the last Maryland coach who wasn't notably insecure? That's kind of random, but it's still worth keeping in mind as this program gets rebuilt. Lefty Driesell was always chasing Dean; Gary Williams was always chasing Dean and Coach K. Both of them got rattled, publicly, on a regular basis. We don't see Turgeon reacting that way.

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