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Kentucky, Kansas Impressive, But UK's Better Than KU

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We missed on both our predictions for Saturday's games but not by that much: Louisville was very much in the game with Kentucky and was down just four with 5:10 left, when Darius Miller hit a crucial three.  From there on, it was all Kentucky.

The most striking thing was, in the second half, when Louisville's shots took on much sharper arcs to get over Anthony Davis. Those guys were terrified of him and he was so in their heads that they had to completely alter their shots.

Davis was superb in this game and he puts Kentucky into a completely different orbit. There is no answer for him in college. We thought that perhaps the bulk of Jared Sullinger might do it but he's out and anyway Kansas made it clear he'd have trouble with Davis as well.

We didn't think Kansas could beat Ohio State again, certainly not with Sullinger back and healthy. They've been surprising people for a while now though, so nothing new there.

But can they surprise Kentucky? It seems unlikely. Davis is just a total game changer. The guy is growing by leaps and bounds and almost never does something stupid. And he just shuts down the inside. Louisville was game, but he's phenomenal.

We like what KU has done, but it's a big mountain to climb.

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