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ACC Tourney: The Weak Sent Home

Although the ACC Tournament is traditionally upset-friendly, this year's first round was more about just getting rid of dead weight: 13-18 Wake is gone as is 9-22 BC and 11-20 Georgia Tech are all gone. Only 16-15 Clemson went down kicking, losing to Virginia Tech, 68-63.

On Friday, the quality of games should be much better: UNC gets Maryland, Miami and Florida State get a rematch after Miami's big win in February, and State takes on Virginia.

Our guess is that the seeds should pretty much work out as expected, although its worth remembering that Maryland had a nine point lead at College Park.

Maryland did have Pe'Shon Howard for that one though and got Tyler Zeller and Kendall Marshall in foul trouble.

The Tech-Miami game could have put anyone to sleep (us for instance). Still, the 'Canes won despite getting just seven points from Reggie Johnson and five from Kenny Kadji and just 37 total from their starters.

FSU is going to come ready for this one we expect.

State really came after BC, scoring the first 14 points of the game. Scott Woods is back in full force: he scored State's first 12 points.

Virginia is a stubborn opponent, and they are rested, but there is no margin for error: a single foul on Mike Scott at the wrong time could kill UVa.

Still, State is fighting for its NCAA life and Virginia's not. They have to win this one and make at least a credible showing in the third game against the winner of Maryland-Carolina.

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