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Tourney Time Is Here!

Well here we go: the opening day of the ACC Tournament! After some more information and reflection, here are our picks for Thursday:

Hypothetical ACC Standings
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Syracuse 17-1 .944 30-1 .968
North Carolina 14-2 .875 27-4 .871
Duke 13-3 .812 26-5 .839
Florida State 12-4 .750 21-9 .700
Virginia 9-7 .562 22-8 .733
NC State 9-7 .562 20-11 .645
Miami 9-7 .562 18-11 .621
Clemson 8-8 .500 16-14 .533
Maryland 6-10 .375 16-14 .533
Pitt 5-13 .278 17-16 .515
Virginia Tech 4-12 .250 15-16 .484
Wake Forest 4-12 .250 13-17 .433
Georgia Tech 4-12 .250 11-19 .367
Boston College 4-12 .250 9-21 .300
Opening Round ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Maryland vs. Wake Forest 12:00 PM ESPNU
NC State vs. Boston College 2:00 PM ESPNU
Clemson vs. Virginia Tech 7:00 PM ESPNU
Miami vs. Georgia Tech 9:00 PM ESPNU

We'll go with State, Clemson and Miami. State's just playing better (and playing BC), Miami is better than Tech, and Clemson is marginally better than Tech at this point. That could be a brutal defensive game, by the way.

Maryland-Wake could be a poor game from a coach's point of view, but potentially great for fans: neither team is reliable or accomplished, and the game could be all over the place like a pinball.

Virginia Tech will be without Victor Davila, which they should be used to by now, but it's a busy weekend: they need everyone, just like Duke needs Ryan Kelly and Virginia needs Malcolm Brogdon and UNC needs some relief for Kendall Marshall.

While we have no idea how they'd structure a 14-team tournament (although 16 could be very straightforward), the ACC might well get Syracuse and Pitt next season. So just out of curiosity, where would they fit as of now?

We'll give Syracuse the top spot obviously since it's all hypothetical and their record is the best. Pitt falls down to around Maryland's level.

Pitt's obviously had an awful year, but still, consider: Duke and UNC are tough year in and year out, Syracuse and Pitt are almost always excellent, Maryland won't be down for long, Florida State has become a force and excellent coaching has returned around the conference.

Things are going to get interesting.

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