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Here's A Chance To Do Something Nice

There are very few paths in life which are based in compassion, and even fewer we come into contact with on a regular basis. There is one which usually finds us however.

We speak of course of nurses.

So when a local group - TNAC (Triangle Nurse Appreciation Council) approached us and asked if we'd help publicize their annual dinner, we said heck yeah, and it didn't take long either.

We remembered the very kind care Julio's mom got at the end of her life, and the extraordinarily decent women who helped his grandmother maintain her dignity at the end of a long and exhausting decline.

We thought of so many friends who have had illnesses or operations and how, when they were helpless, they were cared for.

We've never once seen a nurse hesitate to help or grumble about being put upon or anything of the sort. It's always the same: a kind smile and what can I do to help.

And they've never asked for anything. So how can you help them?

You can do it in several ways: if you're a business owner, you can be a Sponsor, an Exhibitor or a Sales Vendor. Anyone can make a donation or simply buy a nurse dinner.

It's a nice chance to say thanks to a profession where people may not hear that often enough.

Whatever way you choose, you'll be repaying people who have either helped you or your loved ones or will soon enough. Please consider supporting TNAC!

Available for download Monday Morning!