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More Trouble For Syracuse?

Syracuse has had quite a tumultous year, what with the Bernie Fine case exploding, law suits popping up over said case, and the announcement of the move to the ACC. Toss in a drug scandal and it's a full year for anyone.

Helped by a superb season, coach Jim Boeheim has floated above the Fine scandal despite saying some fairly stupid things.  This could be quite different: if the charges hold up, then the NCAA may decide to invoke the "Willful Violators," which means the statute-of-limitations is no longer in effect.

They could also pursue a "lack of institutional control."

Former Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese says "Syracuse has been at the heart of Big East basketball...I have watched Jim Boeheim coach, and I can’t even comprehend Jim coaching in the A.C.C. It’s like a foreign thought. To be honest with you, my fondest hope is I’d love to see Syracuse win the national championship and Jim get the heck out because I hope he never coaches a game in that league."

One scandal can be overcome; two is dicier. We'll see what happens. Tranghese might get his wish, but not the way he's hoping.