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ACC Roundup

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In Durham on Saturday, the bright lights and cameras will gather. That won't happen in Atlanta or Miami, where three of the worst teams are in action, with only Miami being respectable.

Saturday's (Other) ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Wake Forest @ Georgia Tech 12:00 PM ACC Network
Boston College @ Miami 2:30 PM ACC Network
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 13-2 .867 26-4 .867
North Carolina 13-2 .867 26-4 .867
Florida State 11-4 .733 20-9 .690
Virginia 8-7 .533 21-8 .724
NC State 8-7 .533 19-11 .633
Miami 8-7 .533 17-11 .607
Clemson 8-7 .533 16-13 .552
Maryland 6-9 .400 16-13 .552
Virginia Tech 4-11 .267 15-15 .500
Wake Forest 4-11 .267 13-16 .448
Boston College 4-11 .267 9-20 .310
Georgia Tech 3-12 .200 10-19 .345

Georgia Tech has had a tough year, but they have a brand new arena to look forward to next season and it sounds like it's coming along nicely. Here are some more recent photos as well.

Wake Forest will visit Tech without the services of Ty Walker, the erratic big man who has never really lived up to expectations. Carson Desrosiers should be able to handle the job by now.

Wake is down to just eight players though, and that has become a bit of a theme in the ACC this year: Wake, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, State and UNC have all had major hits to their depth or never had much to start with. Miami, remember, was missing Reggie Johnson early and has missed Julian Gamble all season.

As a matter of fact, ask yourself this question: who does have it? Or rather, going into the tourney, who has the most?

Duke's is pretty good, then there's Miami and Florida State. Outside of those three, whoever is going to make a deep run will have to do it with minimal bench play.

Miami should certainly beat BC, and in fact need to to make their bid more secure, and it is senior day.

On the other hand, you would have thought they'd have managed State, not to mention Maryland.

Virginia closes out against Maryland on Sunday with just seven scholarship players. Having lost James Johnson and KT Harrell over Christmas and then Assane Sene to an ankle injury, Malcolm Brogden to a foot injury and seeing Joe Harris play with a soft cast on his wrist - well, it's hard not to wonder what could have been.

Before losing to Duke, they had lost just once, to TCU. The Duke loss was by just three points, then they lost to Virginia Tech by two, FSU by three, UNC by three and FSU by three again.

It's not hard to imagine them winning them all, and they'd be tied with Duke and UNC and probably own the tiebreakers as well.

Just for a small point: Tyler Zeller would have had much more trouble hitting that dunk to put Virginia away had Sene been in his way.

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