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McAdoo Ponders NBA

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Here's something we really didn't expect to see this spring: James Michael McAdoo is exploring his NBA options, according to his father, who told TSN this:

"James is coming home this weekend, and we’re going to sit down and just look at the pros and cons and weigh his options right now. I know a lot of these mock drafts have him at No. 6 and No. 7 and in the top 10. Right now, our intentions and his intention is to be at Carolina next year...All kids—their goal is to play at the next level and that’s James’ goal. One day, he would like to play at the next level, so we just want to sit down and talk about what his options are right now...The end of the season went extremely well for James. I didn’t want John to get hurt, but it gave James an opportunity to get more playing time and get more confidence with his playing ability. At the end of the year, he played well. He can play a lot better than that, but his mom and I cannot be dissatisfied with the way he played at the end of the year."

First: so you mean the rest of us had to call him James Michael? Geez.

Seriously though, we have no doubt that he'll be in the NBA soon enough. But if his father is a sober and responsible parent, he'll urge his son to wait. He hasn't proved anything yet.

But odds are he will next year.

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