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Julius Hodge Stirs Up Syracuse Fans

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Julius Hodge is a charismatic guy and a born entertainer. Still, at the end of the day, he may wish he had these Tweets back. He may have some apologies coming shortly:

  • Why are all these #Cuse fans blowing up my mentions? Mrs Boeheim is indeed #milfy and "Mrs. Fine" has the wrong last name. Ha!
  • If Boeheim would have shown me his wife on my visit I may have committed     LOL! Instead they had Laurie Fine around smh!
  • I can't wait for #Duke vs #Cuse matchup just for that! mrs. Boeheim vs mrs. Curry!
  • If the ACC Network doesn't show Mrs. Boeheim AT LEAST once every media  timeout next season... I'ma make a big fuss!

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