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Marshall Update

Good news for Kendall Marshall, though just how good remains to be seen: his cast was removed and he's now in a splint.  Roy Williams told Mike & Mike that "[w]hat we're going to do is just practice every day, and if something weird happens that they say he can play, I'm probably going to let the guy play. But I just do not foresee that happening."

They have a pretty good chance of getting by Ohio without him, though that is a perimeter oriented team and the one thing no one has even touched on in all of this is the effect Marshall's absence might have on the defense. UNC has a history of getting just torched by hot three point shooters.

We're not saying Marshall is a great defender; he's not. He's pretty average there. But he does know the ropes and what to do, and whoever is coming in has to catch up quick. That'll be a very interesting part of this game should he not play.