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Coach G Hangs It Up

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The first thing anyone realizes about Gail Goestenkors is that she's an immensely likeable person and the reason why she is is because she's not a phony. She made a lot of people really sad when she left Duke because she is a genuine person.

When she went to Texas, she left wanting to know if she could make Texas - remake it actually - into a great program.

As it turns out, it was harder than it looks, and so she resigned Monday, saying she was tired.

She probably made some mistakes, among them not hiring Texas-based assistants. Like Alabama and Louisiana, Texas is a world unto itself with a ferocious sense of pride. It probably would have been smart to have had a Texan on the staff, someone who knew the back roads and the high schools.

She may also have underestimated the difficulty of coaching in the Big 12, which is a great conference for women's basketball. Dealing with Britney Griner on a regular basis can't be fun.

At any rate, at 49, Coach G is on to whatever the next chapter of her life will bring. Whatever it is, we hope it's a really great adventure, and invigorating. She has a great deal yet to offer.

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