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Cremins Calls It A Career

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After Bobby Cremins stepped aside this season, exhausted, the chances of him coming back were slim.

It's too bad, if only because he's possibly the best-liked coach in the profession. You have to look long and hard to find someone who would say a bad word about Cremins, and ironically, the most likely source for criticism is Cremins himself.

He's always been hard on himself: after costing South Carolina the ACC Tournament (his view), he just took off.  The Tech-to-South Carolina fiasco can't have been easy on him, and the decline at Tech, and the struggle at Charleston, took a real toll.

The odd thing is the discrepancy: the Cremins everyone sees is a lovely man who everyone adores.  Yet he has never been able to see himself that way.  You get the sense that while he craves the competition his profession provides, he's incredibly harsh on himself.

No one can solve that for him, but we hope he figures it out someday.

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