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Coach P ACC Coach Of The Year

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Congrats to Coach P, who was named ACC Coach Of The Year. She's done a spectacular job with this team. It's worth mentioning this: when she first came to Duke, there were a lot of people, including many who should have known better, who derided her as she attempted to replace Gail Goestenkors.

To be sure, that wasn't an easy task, but a lot of people honestly gave her short shrift. She's done just fine.

Goestenkors, meanwhile, is having middling success at Texas, with this year's team just 17-12 and in sixth place.

We certainly don't wish her any ill fortune; Duke owes her a lot. Sometimes, though, the grass looks greener and all of that, and it turns out it's just not.

On the other hand, there's more to life than basketball and perhaps living in Austin really suits her. We are surprised, though, that she hasn't made that program into a monster.

Last four seasons for the Longhorns:

  • 17-12
  • 19-14
  • 22-11
  • 21-12

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