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UNC Fans Behaving Badly & A Note About Zeller-Echenique

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After the injury to Kendall Marshall, Carolina fans were understandably upset. Some however went a tad bit overboard.

And by the way, we went back this morning and watched some of the game again. Remember that take down of Tyler Zeller by Gregory Echenique? It was part of a bigger struggle between the centers. Check it out:

At around the 9:30 mark, Echenique gets the ball in the post and gets a subtle forearm from Zeller. After missing, he turns to the official and asks for a shove. No call.

This is just before he knocks Zeller down at the other end, a legacy, perhaps, of his Big East days.

There's a minor bit of contemptous shoving (both ways) at the 8:48 mark at Creighton's end, followed by Echenique wrapping an arm around Zeller, who was behind him. Then he turned to the basket and they collided. The foul there was called on Zeller.

Next time down the court, after the shot went up, they tried to box each other out and locked arms. Echenique was clearly frustrated and we're assuming Zeller was as well, though he doesn't show emotion as much on the court as does Echenique.

Zeller and Echenique both came out at the next timeout (6:50), so obviously things cooled down. But it's a really interesting section of the game.

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