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John Chaney On This 'n That And The Field

He was a bit of a loose cannon at times, but we always had a soft spot for John Cheney. Racism truly cost him a lot, and he never forgot the injustices, but still managed to extend himself to young men who were in desperate situations.  On balance, he's a very, very good man.

He's also still sharp at 80 and as usual isn't shy about offering his opinions. So when he was asked about different teams in the field, here's what he had to say.

We'll excerpt Duke and UNC here and you can hit the link for the rest. It's worth it.

On Duke:

I think Duke is good as always, but they lack a bench. They have good guards, but they are going to get into a situation where the other team’s big guys are just going to be a lot better. But I would never put Duke out of a tournament because they have a great coach.

On North Carolina:

Carolina is a team that throws the ball away too much and I think they will ultimately be defeated because they just don’t protect the ball. They are the most talented team outside of Kentucky, but of all the [no. 1 seeds] they are the one that is most likely to go down early because of that.

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