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Thrillers Get Started Early This Year

Marquette and Kentucky better watch out: they'll get BYU and Western Kentucky respectively after both teams had stunning comebacks in their play-in games. BYU broke Duke's record for the biggest NCAA comeback (set when Duke came back against Maryland in the Final Four) and WKU came back from 16 down to beat Mississippi Valley State, where head coach Sean Wood may be forgiven for a bit of deja vu.

Wood of course was the player who put Kentucky in position to beat Duke in the 1992 classic. This time, all he could was watch while his team's lead slipped away.

On Wednesday, Lamar plays Vermont and Cal gets South Florida. They now have a high standard to meet.

In an important NCAA development, Syracuse's Fab Melo has been ruled ineligible for the tournament. Apparently it's academics, and since he's already told people he's leaving after the season, perhaps he lost interest.

You have to think that of all the teams which are happy, not many are happier than Florida State. They might struggle with Cincinnati, if they advance, but otherwise, Ohio State is likely to be their toughest opponent and they match up fairly well with the Buckeyes.

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