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Live And Available For Download!

Over our time here at DBR, you guys have been kind enough to support us in a lot of different ways. Today we debut The Duke Basketball Bluebook: A Round-by-Round Guide To the NCAA 2012 Tournament and we hope you'll like this, too. It's now available via Amazon and Nook is on the way.

We've had a great time with it and it's been a very positive experience from start to end. It's really come together nicely we think and everyone is proud of what we've accomplished.

We hope you are too and we hope you'll buy one and suggest it for people in your world who like Duke or just basketball.

We're already thinking of other things we can do, other projects that would be interesting and exciting, and looking forward to trying the next fun thing.

Let us know what you think and what you'd like to see in future efforts. Thanks again for purchasing it, and once more: You Guys Are Great!

Download Now!
Best Thinking | Amazon | Nook To Come!