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Jerry Palm's Early Bracket Projection

Jerry Palm has his early bracket speculation up and, not surprisingly, Duke is a #1 seed (in the East).

He also has NCCU in at #16 (also East), which would mean not only would both Durham-based teams be in the tournament but that they'd play each other. That'd be a nice bit of history.

He has State as the #4 in the Midwest and Miami at #9 in the South. Maryland is #9 in the West.

UNC is currently on his bubble as a play-in #12 in the Midwest, which, if it happened, would mean a potential matchup with State, which very nearly happened last year.

Other Palms #1: Kansas, Arizona and Michigan.

Other toughs in Duke's conceptual region: Cincinnati, UK, San Diego State, Illinois, Oklahoma State, Butler and Ohio State.