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Devils Lose A Close One, 48-34, To Bearcats In Belk Bowl

Normally you wouldn't look at a 48-34 score and think close game, but truly, it was: Duke was on the five with the game tied 34-34 and about 1:44 to go - and fumbled. Cincinnati scored fairly quickly to take a seven point lead.

Duke managed to move the ball downfield quickly and, aided by a 15-yard Bearcat penalty,was in position to score again with about a half a minute left.

Unfortunately, Sean Renfree's pass was intercepted and taken back for a touchdown.

So the game was very tight for about 58.5 minutes before two quick strikes by Cincinnati carried the day.

Still, nothing takes away from the team's effort or the tremendous year they had. They have put Duke back on the map and that's a huge accomplishment.