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Barry Jacobs' All-Time Christmas Team

We bring you this chart in the spirit of the most popular holiday at this time of year. We would like to be more inclusive, but couldn't find anyone named Dreidel, Menorah, or even Temple who played ACC basketball.

Player, School Career
Joseph Amonett, WF 1996-99
Christian Ast, D 1991,92
Bruce Bell, D 1975-78
D'Andre Bell, GT 2006-10
Michael Bell, NCS 2001-02
Mickey Bell, NC 1973-75
Whitey Bell, NCS 1954-58
Bruce Bowers, NC 1963
Will Bowers, M 2004-07
Mike Chappell, D 1997,98
Matt Christensen, D 1996-02
Michael Christian, GT 1988
Chey Christie, C 2002-04
Tony Christie, C 1996-99
Darren Cross, V 1980
Marv Decker, D 1954
Tate Decker, WF 2000
Nick Faust, M 2012-
John Gilchrist, M 2003-05
Jesse Holley, NC 2004-05
Garland Jefferson, V 1977-80
Khristian Jensen, NCS 2002
Christian Laettner, D 1989-92
Reggie Love, D 2001-05
Rhamen Love-Lane, WF 1998
Drew Nicholas, M 2000-03
David Noel, NC 2003-06
Wayne "Tree" Rollins, C 1974-77
Craig Wessel, WF 1984, 85