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Mick Cronin: Pay Them

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For a long time we've argued that the basic deal athletes have with college sports is fair: you get a free education, you get a lot of social perks, if you will, and you get to start adult life with no debt and a huge network of people inclined to be supportive.

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Obviously that depends, as Phil Henderson once said, on the athlete exploiting the university as well.

Mick Cronin, in the light of expansion and how money-driven everything has become, argues that it's time to pay the players. And for the first time, we're inclined to agree with him.

There's no question that the whole business has been riddled with hypocrisy for a long time, but there's been enough good to balance it.

When you're talking about billion dollar contracts, though, perhaps the time has come to seriously reconsider the whole nature of the enterprise. Perhaps the pay rate could be determined by academic accomplishment.

We don't know. But with the amount of money coming into college sports, it's going to get increasingly difficult to pay everyone except the performers.