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A-10 Plots Another Leap

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It's been pretty interesting that while the major conference are maneuvering for football, the A-10 has quietly focused on basketball and done pretty well. Now they're considering annexing the Big East basketball schools and going from 14 schools to 21. They're currently at 16, but if we remember correctly, Temple was planning to go to the Big East (they may be revisiting that) and Charlotte wants football and will leave for that.

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As you probably heard, the non-football schools in the Big East are discussing dissolving the conference. The A-10 would be an interesting home.

It would be a huge conference, but they would certainly split into divisions.

And like the Big East lately, they'll have some teams at the bottom. Fordham, Duquesne, maybe Seton Hall and St. Bonnies will struggle.

Still, it's an interesting counter strategy to the relentless push for football.