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The Pac-12 Network's Unanticipated Problem

As the older concept of of amateurism continues to recede, marginalized by changing values and gushers of money, not surprisingly, people are lining up for their share. We've already seen it in the AAU as all sorts of shady characters have managed to profit from summer ball.

We can sympathize with the athletes to an extent, although a free education, no debt and a ready made network of people willing to help you is not a bad compensation. It doesn't pay off immediately, but you can leverage it into many things like law, business or medical school, and the average college-educated worker is likely to make a million dollars during his or her lifetime.

Compare it to a high school graduate and it's a great deal, unless you allow yourself to be exploited.

But it's not just the athletes and their hangers-on, as the PAC-Whatever is finding out: Members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees have walked off their PAC-12 Network jobs, citing "unfair" competition from workers on the campus sites.

Seems the schools are using non-union workers and paying them less and without significant benefits.

But enough about the athletes; this is about the labor force.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out with the universities, students, faculty and fans. We would expect the faculties to come down on the side of the union, the students to more or less split and then the fans to largely just say shut up and put the games on.

Something will have to give though. The schools won't get their truckloads of cash without the normal middle men, con men and scammers sticking their hands out.