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Let's Get Rolling: First Up, Georgia State

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Next up, first up we suppose, is Georgia State, a team most of us around here became aware of when Lefty Driesell made it his last stop and turned GSU into a credible program.

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Like many of you, we don't know a whole lot about the Panthers. Fortunately for us, we have Carlos's excellent out of conference previews as published in Barry Jacob's Fan's Guide to Duke Basketball 2012-13 to lean on. We heartily recommend that to you guys as an excellent scouting tool.

Georgia State was 22-11 last year and made the CIT for some post-season play. Unfortunately they lost a lot of talent from that team.

Returning are guards Devonta White (5-10) and Rashaad Richardson (6-3). They are joined by coach Ron Hunter's son RJ Hunter.

This could cause some tension, but in the 60s (or early 70s, we forget) Al McGuire's son was on the Marquette team and McGuire just told his team, look, if you think you're keeping my son out of the starting lineup, you're going to have to be damned good to do it because I want to start my son.

Honesty, brutal honesty, can be helpful in these cases.

They are a short team overall, but they do bring in 6-9 Curtis Washington, who left Southern Cal, perhaps partly due to the presence of coach Kevin O' Neill, who is, in our opinion, an abusive coach and an unbelievable lout. The farther you can get away from him the better off you'll be.

The LA Times suggests they were run off, which just adds to the charm O' Neill exudes.

We'll also see Manny Atkins, formerly of Virginia Tech and a guy with a nice offensive reputation he never quite lived up to at Tech, but also athletic.

Beyond that? Wojo suggests to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that White is extremely quick, Hunter can really shoot and that it's going to be a tough game.

Seth Curry points to their propensity to zone, which is key after Duke went 1-17 against Winston-Salem State.

Speaking of Curry, he's going to be uncertain for the near future, which is too bad, because he'd be really useful in this one. Not to be, however.

Typically, we'd say that a mid-major team like Georgia State should be no big deal, but we see quick point guard and think Lehigh. We see Atkins and remember that he came to Blacksburg with a reputation for quickness and athleticism.

We read about Washington and he's described as highly athletic (though offensively limited). When you put it all together, Duke will have an overall advantage in talent and size, but it's not always enough: don't sleep on these guys.  They're potentially quite dangerous, and if you get in a situation where there's game pressure, you just never know. It's a very young season. Things can happen.