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Veteran ACC Writer Eddy Landreth Dies

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For those of you who purchased Barry Jacobs' Fan's Guide To North Carolina Basketball 2012-13, you no doubt enjoyed the article by Eddy Landreth on the departures from last year's team to the NBA.

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Sadly, it was one of the very last things he wrote as Eddy died Wednesday  after being in UNC hospital for a couple of weeks.

We didn't know Eddy as well as we would have liked, but we had immense respect for his passion for UNC.

In the '90s, we lived out of state and the Duke-UNC rivalry was of little interest in the Southwest. When you're out of the area and you're used to the intensity of the local team followings, you really miss it. We would have loved to have had Eddy around to argue with, to pick on, to do everything, in short, except maybe watch a game together. But we would've talked to him the next day, win or lose, and as soon as possible, because we know he would have insights and opinions worth listening to.

He was fortunate in that he got to write about his passion and he got paid to go to games. That's a very cool deal.

Like a lot of guys, in recent years Eddy found that newspaper work was drying up a bit, but he kept at it, kept finding people to write for and never gave up. He earned a lot of respect from us for just refusing to allow anyone to dictate the terms of his passion to him.

Just 48, Eddy leaves behind his wife, Jane, and two children, Madison and Jordan. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and we wish them the very best, especially his children. Losing a parent is never easy but it's hardest when you are young. Please keep them in your thoughts.