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ACC Roundup!

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As you have likely heard, the NCAA reversed course and will allow Dez Wells to play immediately at Maryland. So now the Terps have this potential starting lineup: a beefed up Alex Len, Shaquille Clear, Pe'Shon Howard, Wells, and maybe Nick Faust or James Padgett.

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Whichever five it is, you know, that's pretty credible. And if your bench is made up of guys like Jake Layman, Seth Allen, Charles Mitchell, and Logan Aronhalt, everyone will have to work to keep a spot.

We'll get a better idea of where Maryland is early when they take on Kentucky Friday night.

Certainly we want Maryland to succeed. Having a powerful program in College Park is great for the ACC, just as it is when Georgia Tech is strong. It's great for everything - recruiting, tournament play, on down the line.

Not many people get to go to their dream school and play basketball. For UNC's Luke Davis, who started out at Gardner-Webb, playing at UNC is a lifelong dream and he's living it. And that's worth respecting.

While we wait for the season to start, some of the stories are getting repetitive, like for instance, can State handle the rise to prominence angle.

Guess we'll see.

So how's Tech doing? Here's Brian Gregory's take on Year 2 so far. One piece of bad news: Kammeon Holsey is out with a high ankle sprain.

Florida State is about to hang their banner, but in order to defend, a young team will need to grow up quickly. Can they do it? Who knows? That's what the games are for.