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Barry Jacobs On Three Point Preferences

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Some players are suited for a role as a shooting guard, or at least predisposed to shoot a lot from outside, if not suited to do so.

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A quick glance at those with the highest percentage of their field goal tries from beyond the arc in 2012 reveals a roster well-suited to the second guard's slot.

Well, nearly.

Among the top seven at letting fly frequently from the bonusphere one name stands out as ill-fitting.

There's no question Duke's Tyler Thornton is a point guard. No one would mistake the 6-1 junior for anything else. Yet only BC's Lonnie Jackson and N.C. State's Scott Wood were more reliant on 3-pointers last year than Thornton, who did make a respectable 35.1 percent from long range.

Thornton's two key late threes sank Kansas in last November's Maui Invitational, so his outside shot may represent a vital, if under-recognized, weapon.

Highest Percent FGA as 3-Pointers
Minimum 100 Minutes Played in 2012

Pct. 3 Player, School 3FGA-FGA
.765 Lonnie Jackson, BC 143-187
.748 Scott Wood, NCS 232-310
.746 Tyler Thornton, D 77-103
.743 Andre Dawkins, D 171-230
.727 Terry Whisnant, FS 40-55
.721 Paul Jesperson, V 31-43
.702 P.J. Hairston, NC 139-198