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ACC Roundup

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Wow, we hadn't seen this: Miami lost Friday to - get this - St. Leo's, 69-67. They may make a move this year, but it's not happening yet. Generally speaking, losing to a D-II team in an exhibition game is a very poor sign. Reggie Johnson called it "embarrassing." And Coach Jim Larranaga downplayed recent player optimism, saying that "actions speak louder than words."

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Bill Cole has a State preview posted, with this comment from Mark Gottfried which really hits what we see as a crucial problem for State: “I think one of the (crucial) things for us is replacing the guys that we lost. I think that’s been an under-valued topic when you look at the consistent play they gave us last season. There was an ability, a dependability, that that group had that made our team work.”

He's right, but the guards are not as difficult to replace. We'll swap out Alex Johnson for Tyler Lewis and take Rodney Purvis over CJ Williams any day. They don't have the experience (yet), but their talents are significant.

The guy who is going to be tougher to replace is DeShawn Painter.

When James Johnson took over at Virginia Tech, he promised to run. Despite being down to just eight players, he's not backing off of that decision.