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NCAA Addresses Transfer Policy

The NCAA announced some changes to clarify the waivers which have become popular recently and which often seem to be a way to get around the year off transferring requires. Here are the highlights:

  • The school presents medical documentation of a debilitating injury or illness to a student-athlete's immediate family member that is debilitating and requires ongoing medical care. The previous standard had been "life-threatening."
  • The student-athlete demonstrates he or she will be responsible for regular, ongoing caregiving responsibilities. The previous standard required the student-athlete to be the primary, day-to-day caregiver.
  • The school is within a 100-mile radius of the immediate family member's home, which demonstrates the ability for the student-athlete to provide regular, ongoing care. Previously, no distance limitation was in place.
  • The school to which the student-athlete is transferring must submit a statement from the athletics director and faculty athletics representative confirming the student-athlete will be relieved of responsibilities to the team in order to care for the injured or ill family member and that the coaching staff will support such a departure.

A terminal family illness can override all other considerations.