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ACC Splits With Big Ten, Not Counting Maryland

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The ACC managed a tie and weren't too far from pulling off the Challenge. If Georgia Tech could have held on at Illinois, or things had gone a bit differently for the Pack, who knows. But a tie is better than a loss, and the ACC got some great wins Wednesday.

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We were frankly shocked that Virginia, with such a thin bench and point guard issues, was able to upset Wisconsin. But they shot better (45.7% to 38.2%) and absolutely destroyed the Badgers on the boards, 36/8 to 25/5.

Somehow, too, Wisconsin only got to the line five times. On the bright side, they shot 80% there.

Joe Harris had 22 points, five rebounds and five assists for UVa.

Although two players got no rebounds, everyone else got at least three.

You have to wonder if this is the end for Milton Jennings at Clemson: the senior was suspended for the third time in a calendar year.

This time, he apparently decided to disable his smoke alarm to smoke some pot and hash, but it was hardwired and brought the police to his door.

The legal charge for tampering will probably be more serious than the minor problems of the drugs.  Who knows what Clemson U will do, though.

A wise guy at Cameron said that he should have just taped a bag over the detector, but who knows.

Devin Booker had a nice game for the Tigers with 18 points and eight boards.

How 'bout them 'Canes! Knocking off Michigan State would have seemed impossible recently. It's a big deal there; the fans (all 12 of them) rushed the court.

Reggie Johnson had 10 points and 11 boards. Miami's perimeter players - Shane Larkin, Durand Scott and Trey McKinney Jones - put up 48 points.

Miami had an 11-point advantage from the line.

We had thought Illinois might crush Georgia Tech, but the Yellow Jackets hung in until fairly late. You might see a 13 point loss and think it wasn't close, but it was. Georgia Tech wasn't helped by 17 turnovers, but still: there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Finally, BC handled Penn State with relative ease. Yes, it's Penn State, but still: BC hit bottom and they're drifting back.

BC had a significant lead in this game - the Eagles led by 20 with just 5:23 left - before Penn State roared back to within three with 3:05 left. An epic collapse would have been harsh, but the Eagles avoided it.

Olivier Hanlan had 22 to pace BC. Their backcourt is working out pretty well; if they can get Ryan Anderson healthy again, then they have something.