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Some Challenge Notes

A few Challenge notes as we get ready to kick the shindig off. First, UNC is apparently going to be without PJ Hairston, who sprained his knee during dribble drills. Not a big deal, and his coach and teammate are minimizing it if not outright mocking it. On the radio show he'd prefer not to do, Ol' Roy said "[w]e don't think ... it's anything serious, long term.But he sprained his knee, didn't feel like he could do anything in practice today. We're coming so close to the end of the semester -- if you can't play, stay home and study."

Tuesday Time Network ACC Big Ten Prediction
7:15 ESPN2 Florida State Minnesota FSU
7:15 ESPNU Virginia Tech Iowa Virginia Tech
7:30 ESPN NC State Michigan Michigan
9:15 ESPN2 Maryland Northwestern Maryland
9:15 ESPNU Wake Forest Nebraska Wake Forest
9:30 ESPN North Carolina Indiana Indiana
Wednesday Time Network ACC Big Ten Prediction
7:00 ESPN2 Virginia Wisconsin Wisconsin
7:15 ESPNU Clemson Purdue Clemson
7:30 ESPN Miami Michigan State Michigan State
9:00 ESPN2 Georgia Tech Illinois Illinois
9:15 ESPNU BC Penn State Penn State
9:30 ESPN Duke Ohio State Duke

But that's not nearly as funny as Dexter Strickland, who says that Hairston "is a little dramatic with his injuries... I'll give him about two days, and he'll probably be good -- back out on the floor, running again."

And Michigan State's Gary Harris and Travis Trice may or may not play at Miami, but the signs are encouraging for the Spartans. Harris has a shoulder injury and Trice is recovering from a concussion.

Virginia will be getting minimal input from Jontel Evans and as far as we know, Malcolm Brogden is nowhere near ready to take the court.

You know, it's easy for a comment to be taken out of context and we fully realize that. Even so, this is a weird thing for Wake's Jeff Bzdelik to say: "I’ve actually talked to some of the younger players, and it’s just everything is new. Even when they’re in the starting lineup being announced, they don’t know what to do. They kind of get this, ‘Like oh wow,’ and look around, and then all of a sudden they get into the game."

Huh? He's actually talked to them? That just comes off as bizarre.

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