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Drew's Blues

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Although sometimes they do, transfers don't always work out the way people expect. Take the former UNC trio currently enrolled at UCLA: The Wear twins and Larry Drew II left UNC and went home to L.A. to play for Ben Howland at UCLA.

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But things have not gone well for the Bruins lately. Last year Sports Illustrated ran a damning article about the program and UCLA finished 19-14 amid speculation about Howland's future.

A sensational recruiting class may have saved his job, but a lengthy NCAA investigation followed and now? UCLA has lost to Georgetown (forgivable) and Cal Poly, which is not.

So let's stop and consider what would happen if Howland gets fired at the end of the season. Who might the candidates be?

You'd have to assume that John Calipari would be on a list for a job like UCLA's. He might not be interested, but that depends. If he's sick of the Kentucky fishbowl he might. He's established himself as a freak recruiter and UCLA is a pretty good platform and not nearly as claustrophobic as is Lexington.

If they chose to start really fresh, Josh Pastner might be considered. He's still fairly new on the East Coast, but in PAC-whatever land, his legend is old news. The guy's a prodigy and will start getting looks. Plus if the Big East continues to implode, he'll be looking for an exit plan.

Shaka Smart/Brad Stevens. Might as well list them together. They're both smart enough to realize that the job is a meatgrinder though and so we'd be very surprised if they made the move.

Mark Turgeon. His recruiting and track record might make him an appealing candidate.

And, as Barry Jacobs reminds us, Mark Gottfried was an assistant at UCLA and could reasonably be on their next short list, assuming State does well this year.