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What Next For The ACC?

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Now that Maryland has made their move, what next for the ACC? Well, speculation has focused on UConn and Louisville, with some suggesting UConn might move as early as Tuesday. With Rutgers have followed Maryland to the Big Ten, the Big East is pretty much done: Syracuse, Pitt, BC, Miami, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Rutgers have all departed in recent years. Did we forget anyone?

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We'd like to toss out an alternative: as long as Notre Dame is a partial member, why not consider Georgetown? It would have two benefits: first, it would keep the ACC in the DC-Baltimore market, and second, it would send Maryland around the bend. That's not a reason to do it, but it would be fun to watch. Entertainment should not be undervalued here.

Incidentally, here's a funny notion: Maryland, which has a rather significant history of not graduating athletes, and in particular basketball players, looks to the Big Ten move as an academic boon. Apparently associating with Duke, Virginia, Wake Forest UNC at times although perhaps not currently, and Georgia Tech is not such a boon.

We'd like to toss out one other notion: we're long past the point where the concept of amateurism is really valid anymore. The best players leave after a year anyway, the coaches make millions, and billion dollar contracts are in force.

So why should athletic programs with multi-million dollar incomes maintain tax-exempt status? It's clearly for profit, regardless of what it's called. It's time to let that fiction go, at least for programs with huge incomes. Smaller schools could retain theirs. But the rest? It's a joke.