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Barry Jacobs Takes A Look At Fouls And Foul Shots

Maybe there should be a new efficiency statistic related to free throws - the ratio of foul shots a player takes compared to those he spawns with his own fouls.

Calculating the cost of each personal is a bit complicated, of course. Not every personal sends an opponent to the line, and not every free throw attempted is made.

What's more, a lack of fouls committed may as easily reflect unenthusiastic defense as strong discipline and defensive control.

Still, a simple comparison is instructive.

Looking at those 2012 players who got to the line most often for each ACC team, a ratio of better than 2.5 free throws tried to one foul committed is impressive.

Understandably guards appear more likely than big men to enjoy a significant advantage in attempts versus attempts caused; perimeter denizens are less likely to incur fouls as a result of fighting for rebounds or contesting shots.

Which makes the ratio enjoyed last year by Virginia post player Mike Scott (3.1:1) all the more remarkable.

Ratio of Foul Shots Made to Fouls Committed
(Team Leaders in Free Throw Attempts, 2012)

Player, School FTA PF Ratio
Mike Scott, V 172 56 3.07
Terrell Stoglin, M 202 66 3.06
C.J. Harris, WF 173 71 2.44
Austin Rivers, D 184 76 2.42
Erick Green, VT 122 52 2.35
Ryan Anderson, BC 110 47 2.34
Tyler Zeller, NC 224 102 2.20
C.J. Leslie, NCS 188 87 2.16
Durand Scott, Mia 122 67 1.82
Bernard James, FSU 116 68 1.71
Mfon Udofia, GT 101 76 1.33
Devin Booker, C 106 81 1.31
Other ACC Leaders in FT Attempted:
Harrison Barnes, NC 195 68 2.87
Mason Plumlee, D 176 86 2.05