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ACC Roundup

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The N&O has a big package of ACC preview stuff focusing on the Big Four. We linked the Duke stuff in the Winston-Salem story and the rest is at the bottom of this article.

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Everyone, us included, is excited to see State basketball reborn. We see a potential problem, as we've mentioned a few times, but even if this season is not what everyone expects, there are more players on the way. The good times are rolling in Raleigh.

There's a nice article on Wake Forest as well as the Deacs continue to try to recover. They do have talent now, although it's young. But what if the pundits prove correct and coach Jeff Bzdelik is canned following another subpar season? What then?

Well, allow us to speculate for a moment. The guy we're thinking of is used to coaching at a small, basketball oriented school. He's shown no sign of being interested in big openings like Illinois, Kansas State or South Carolina. But Wake Forest might intrigue him: it has many of the same virtues of his current school but competes in a brutally difficult conference, and he's already shown he can go up against the best in that league. Who are we referring to?

Why Brad Stevens, of course.

Here's a good look at Maryland freshman Jake Layman, who has made a quick impression on his new teammates. Charles Mitchell says "He's like Kyle Singler, but way more athletic."