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Barry Jacobs On Backwards Percentages

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We've heard plenty already about the room for growth in Mason Plumlee's offensive game. Read most any preseason analysis of Duke or the ACC, and eventually the gap between Plumlee's potential and his achievements enters the discussion.

There's certainly ample reason for optimism. The skills are there, including impressive free throw accuracy at the end of the 2012 season and on the road within the conference.

Anyone who's watched the two older Plumlee brothers, Mason and Miles, knows they aren't facile offensive players. Rather they tend to be instinctive when they might be better served by thoughtful consideration, and to think too much when they'd be more effective by simply relying on the moves they've been taught.

So here's a key indicator to watch as the season progresses.

Mason Plumlee was one of nine 100-minute players in the ACC last year who shot better from the floor than the line. No matter how much more efficient Plumlee becomes from the floor, reversing that contorted statistical profile would demonstrate an offensive house in proper order.

Against Georgia State in this season's opener, the senior hit 8 of 12 from the floor (.667) and 3 of 7 from the line (.429).

Players With Higher Field Goal Than Free Throw Accuracy
(Minimum 100 Minutes Played in 2012)
Player, School FG%-FT%  Mins
Eddie Odio, BC .400-.385 142
Catalin Baciu, C* .581-.581 330
Mason Plumlee, D .572-.528 964
Bernard James, FS* .606-.552 979
Kammeon Holsey, GT .590-.527 754
Berend Weijs, M* .500-.350 354
Erik Swoope, Mi .500-.471 269
Justin Watts, NC* .422-.368 273
Desmond Hubert, NC .444-.077 123
Darion Akins, V .581-.579 275
* No longer in ACC.
NOTE: Baciu is included because he fits, nearly.
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