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Kentucky-Duke Didn't Start In 1992

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With Duke and Kentucky set to play on Tuesday for the first time in - what - 10 years? - naturally things are going to heat up.

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There's been a rivalry for a long time, a lot longer than Christian Laettner's epic shot sent it into warp drive in 1992.

In 1966, with star guard Bob Verga terribly ill, Kentucky beat Duke in the Final Four, 83-79, for the right to play Texas Western in the championship game. The Miners won by seven; it's not unreasonable to think that Duke, with Verga, would have beaten the smallish Wildcats and could have given Texas Western a better game.

Duke also lost to Kentucky in 1978, when the Duke Power Company, with two freshmen, a sophomore and a transfer point guard, lost to Kentucky, 94-88.

In 1988, after the scandal at Kentucky led SI to put "Kentucky's Shame" on the cover, Duke pounded them, 80-55. Then of course the teams met in the legendary 1992 game, with Duke winning in overtime 104-103.

Kentucky got a measure of revenge in the 1998 tournament, coming from way down to take Duke, 84-86.

Duke won the following December in the Jimmy V Classic, 71-60, and again in 2001, when Jason Williams racked up 38 to help Duke to a 95-92 win.

We'll get into it more tomorrow, but in a nutshell, Duke has more experience while John Calipari has stockpiled talent in Lexington, but it's pretty young (as they showed against Maryland).

Should be an interesting matchup.