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ACC Roundup!

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Reggie Johnson has long since shown that he can be a human battering ram. Now the question is: can he lead his team to the next level? He seems fairly confident that Miami can do it.

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ESPN has a longish article up on State's resurrection under Mark Gottfried. One small thing which stunned us is that the braintrust over there somehow allowed the trophies to be put in (rough) storage. Gottfried  was wise to restore and display them. State has a glorious past. It needs to connect to that to move into the future.

BC is not expected to do much damage this year, but they are a year older and Steve Donahue remains a very good coach. And if you didn't notice, by the end of last year, they were pretty competitive. They started by losing - badly - to New Hampshire, Holy Cross and UMass (New Hampshire was by just three, but come on, it's New Hampshire).

By the end, they were able to give State a five-point game, defeat FSU, the eventual ACC champs and beat Georgia Tech. In our minds, that's considerable progress.

Virginia Tech is expected to struggle this year as well, but despite a near total lack of depth, new coach James Johnson (who is apparently still waiting for a congratulatory call from predecessor/former boss Seth Greenberg) plans to run.

Hey, it worked for Pitino in '92. If you read Gene Wojciechowski's book, The Last Great Game, you'll see that Pitino's strength coach was absolutely relentless when it came to conditioning a lightly talented team. But he made it work very, very well.