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A Spectacular Saturday For Triangle Football

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We're not sure how far back you have to go to find a bigger football day in the Triangle: first, despite significant injuries Duke moved to 5-1 with a big win over Virginia, 42-17. Carolina just blew out Virginia Tech, 38-34. And in the biggest win of all, State shocked FSU in the final seconds, 17-16.

Florida State's national title hopes, barring a ton of losses in the Top 5, are over.

The standings are not what you might expect: Maryland is, temporarily, on top of the Atlantic Division, with FSU third behind Clemson.

In the Coastal, Virginia Tech is fourth, Georgia Tech fifth. And on top? Miami is first and Duke - Duke! - is second.

The guys on the team must be over the moon.

Virginia Tech is up next and while they'll likely be favored, at 3-3, they don't seem invincible.

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