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Battier Takes On NBA's New Stance On Flopping

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As you probably heard, the NBA is cracking down on flopping. As someone who is skilled at drawing charges, Shane Battier heard from a lot of reporters over this. And here's what he had to say:

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"There's a myriad of issues where you could dissect this proposed rule. There's not a consensus on what a flop is. How much force constitutes a flop? Is a basketball person making that decision? Is an administrative person making that decision? How much is the fine going to be? There's a very gray area. I still maintain that offensive flopping has to be penalizing, too. Let's call it both ways.

"The unfortunate thing about the block/charge is that I've had many, many times where a ref told me that you have to go to the floor to get the call. By the letter of the law, I've taken a hit, but I've stood on my feet. Even though I've gotten nailed, the ref calls it a no-call. I say, 'Ref, what's wrong with that ?' He says, 'You have to go down to get the call.'

"Inherently, there's something wrong with that."

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