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ACC Roundup!

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The Gaston Gazette has a preview of Florida State's season posted. We like to get as much perspective as possible going into a season so we love this sort of thing.

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The Greensboro paper is starting their own previews, kicking off with BC.

Oh, look, Grantland has a preview of State up too, and here's a take on Clemson as well.

We recognize State's potential, but it's like no one bothers to notice they have a serious challenge in replacing DeShawn Painter, who bailed them out constantly last year when starters CJ Leslie and Richard Howell racked up fouls.  Who's going to do that now?

Arguably, Painter was the key to State's success last season. He was always ready, always steady, and made excellent decisions. So who steps up? Jordan Vandenberg? It's a major problem.

In a perfect world, Leslie and Howell stop reaching - Howell told Barry Jacobs that he thinks he has the quickest hands around which gets him in trouble (see the NC State Fan's Guide for more details)  - but even if they do, legs get tired in March (don't forget Leslie's cramping issues this past season).

We're delighted that State did so well and we're excited about their future. We're just not as convinced as many are that it has arrived.

Former FSU guard Luke Loucks runs down the league for Yahoo's Jeff Eisenberg (okay he's with a blog called The Dagger but this runs on Yahoo) and while he has some very nice things to say about Duke, the suggestion that Florida State has the best home court advantage in the ACC is just ludicrous.

You never know when a guy may become a key player and you really can never have too much depth. Just ask UNC last season.

They'll have a bit more insurance this year as Luke Davis transfers in from Gardner-Webb. He'll be a walk-on, but he's a life-long UNC player and he'll be playing for his dream team. Can't ask much more than that.