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ACC Roundup!

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It's probably happened before, but other than Debbie Yow back to State, we can't remember the last time that an ACC A.D. moved from one school to another. But that's what happened Monday as Georgia Tech's Dan Radakovich left town and headed up to Clemson.

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Mark Bradley thinks it's a sign of weakness at Tech, or at least allows a perception of weakness. Maybe so. Football isn't what people expected about now.

As for Clemson, football is in high gear and Brad Brownell is a quality basketball coach. Things are good in Tigertown. We'll see about Atlanta.

Up in Chapel Hill, Ol' Roy welcomes back Dexter Strickland and Leslie McDonald, both returning from knee surgeries.

Considering how young the Heels are, the damaged duo could play a big role.

UNC lost a recruit when Troy Williams, who decommitted from Indiana and said it would now be either UNC or Kentucky, changed his mind and went back to Indiana.

In a bit of Terp news, former Maryland star Grievis Vasquez has had his fourth-year option picked up by the Hornets.