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N&O On Latest UNC Revelations

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We've said before that the N&O seems to be trying, in our opinion, to tie men's basketball to the academic fraud scandal at UNC. If that's their goal, they come closer with this article, but not that close: as best we can tell, folks in Academic Support identified this course - NAVS 302 -  a course about Naval Weapons Systems - which drew an unusual concentration of athletes (30 out of 38), six of them basketball players - as an easy way to help keep players eligible.

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The draw? No tests and no research paper, just a small mid-term paper and a group presentation.

Given that the class was set up and administered by the Navy, it's hard to see how it fits in with the scandal. Were athletes steered to an easy class? No doubt. But it was a legitimate class and not one designed for their benefit. You could call it a waste of time and not be far off, but it's not an academic fraud.

On the other hand, Tyler's Hansbrough's quote that he took Swahili because it seemed "cool" and the NAV 302 because “I wanted classes about things I wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to on my own,” looks increasingly laughable.

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